James Andrew Lind

Born in Stanford on July 8, 1931, James Andrew “Jim” Lind moved with his family to the Beaver Creek Ranch, 32 miles northwest of White Sulphur Springs, in 1936. Jim’s Grandfather, Andy, thought [...]

Patrick Bergan

Patrick “Pat” Bergan was born August 11, 1933, in White Sulphur Springs, Montana, the fifth of six children. He was raised in the basement of the County Jail, as his father was the County Sheriff [...]

Kitty Ann (Quigley) Taaler

Kitty Ann Quigley was born a fourth generation Montanan on May 11, 1944. In 1947, her father began constructing his dream of “Frontier Town,” created with logs and boulders. An animated road [...]

John Joseph Carr

John Joseph “Johnny” Carr was “let out of the chute” December 13, 1940, in Lewistown. Not long after, the family moved to Christina, Montana, where three- year-old Johnny tried to take their new [...]

Richard Thomas Loss

Richard Thomas “Dick” “RT” Loss, known as one of the best bronc busters in the Montana Territory, was at home on the back of any mount. He was a personal friend to Charles M. Russell and Rev. [...]

Jerome & Flora (Tibbits) Kearful

In June 1888, Jerome “Jerry” A. Kearful traveled by train from Missouri into the untamed Montana Territory. He tried his luck at gold mining in Helena, before settling in the Bears Paw Mountains, [...]

John W. Moore

On January 8, 1916, at age six, John W. “Johnny” Moore arrived with his parents and three brothers in Miles City. The temperature was forty below zero when the family stepped off the train. After [...]

Harbaugh Ranch

Harbaugh Ranch was established in 1910, when Walter Lee “WL” and Elizabeth “Lizzie” (Elbert) Harbaugh filed for homestead rights on Sand Creek near Jordan. WL’s dream had always been to own a [...]

Mother of Montana

The Cowgirl by Sandra Haynes by Karen Kuhlmann (dedicated to all the women who came west) She came west in a wagon, her man by her side, Children in the back, she was Destiny’s bride. She came up [...]