Support The Square

By Amy Pearson Did you know that the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls is FREE to the public? Did you know that the museum is housed in a historic building with over 1,100 [...]

Hey Charlie, Last Call

By Stacy Bronec Todd Connor grew up drawing at a young age in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He began oil painting around age eleven. After high school, he joined the Navy and served four years as a Navy Seal, [...]

March in Montana

March 2024 once again brings Western Art Week to Great Falls, and the March in Montana show and sale is sure to be a main attraction. The 37th annual auction and dealer show will feature great [...]

When Giants Roamed the Earth

By Chip Jones It’s true. There was a time not long ago when giants roamed the Earth. I know because I saw them. You knew they were giants because of their size of course, but also the way they [...]

Catherine Black Horse

By Brad Reynolds Art is more than an occupation for Catherine Black Horse. Her work acts as both a window into the past and as a path forward for Native women. “There’s a spiritual aspect to the [...]

Terrance Guardipee

By Brad Reynolds Art was a valuable tool to the continent’s First Peoples. On painted buffalo hides, they shared their stories. Through petroglyphs and pictographs, they ensured their history was [...]

The Decorating House

By Suzanne Waring Design matters. Interior space should be personally pleasing and accommodating to a specific purpose or lifestyle. The interior designers at the Decorating House know this means [...]

Hoglund’s Work and Western Wear

In business for more than seventy years, Hoglund’s Work and Western Wear is a Great Falls institution—a staple for area ranchers and farmers and a must-stop for visitors eager to take home a [...]