Borrie’s: A Legacy of Food & Family

Black Eagle hardly resembles the community that stood in 1938. The air was thick with foreign accents. The Big Stack loomed large overhead. City limits were distinct from those of neighboring [...]

Johnson Madison Lumber

For nearly 100 years, Johnson Madison Lumber has supported the needs of Great Falls contractors, homeowners, high school students, charities, and others, with great products, friendly service, [...]

3D Restaurant

1805, Meriwether Lewis named the Black Eagle Falls while on his expectant cross-country expedition. Here, in 1880, Paris Gibson envisioned the area’s potential as an industrial center with [...]

Agricultural Icons

Big Bud Built by Havre’s Ron Harmon in 1977, the Big Bud 747 remains the world’s largest tractor. The colossal machine weighs more than 100,000 pounds and was designed to deep rip 10,000 acres of [...]

Big Dam Attractions

Fort Peck Dam At a time when the nation was clawing its way out of economic depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized one hundred million dollars for the construction of a massive [...]

River Crossings

Lewis & Clark Bridge In 1915, Wolf Point voted in favor of incorporating as a municipality. As the area flourished, the need became apparent for a bridge across the Missouri (the nearest [...]

Rivers, Roads & Landmarks

Missouri River Breaks On May 31, 1805, Meriwether Lewis described scenes of visionary enchantment as the Corps of Discovery passed through the White Cliffs of the Missouri River Breaks. Today, [...]

This Old Barn

By Kent Hanawalt Horses were still the prime motive force in agriculture 100 years ago. They were used to plow the ground, plant it, harvest it, and haul it to the elevator. Even a smaller ranch [...]

Responsible Hunters Respect Ranchers

Hunting season is cherished here in Montana. It puts food on tables. It places trophies on walls. It brings friends and families closer together. It is an opportunity to connect with nature and [...]