This Old Barn

By Kent Hanawalt Horses were still the prime motive force in agriculture 100 years ago. They were used to plow the ground, plant it, harvest it, and haul it to the elevator. Even a smaller ranch [...]

Responsible Hunters Respect Ranchers

Hunting season is cherished here in Montana. It puts food on tables. It places trophies on walls. It brings friends and families closer together. It is an opportunity to connect with nature and [...]

The Five Tourists You Meet in Glendive

People don’t “just happen to stop” in Glendive. Visitors to this community feel a calling. Maybe sportsmen’s activities draw them here. Maybe they’ve come for history, science, or culture. Maybe [...]

Be Aware of Bears

By Dennis Nottingham In Montana, bears both black and brown (grizzly) are being encountered on a more frequent basis and are cussed and discussed by many an expert. My 50 years in Alaska hunting [...]

Ranch Dogs

By Kent Hanawalt Most ranch vehicles are equipped with a cowdog. They wait patiently while their masters are in the bank, the café, or the bar. No self-respecting cowboy would admit that these [...]

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