Pink is for Fighters

By Tiffany Sweeney October is all about pumpkin spice, apple cider, and pink for breast cancer awareness—pink in a multitude of colors to remind us to perform breast exams and support those that [...]

Why Goats?

Photo by Amber Hofstad By Stacy Bronec “Goats will come right up to you. People aren’t used to that,” says Deena Maier, founder of Windrift Hill in Conrad. “Goats are part of the family; they do [...]

Cattle Under the Big Sky

Photo by Montana Cowgirl Photography By Cassie Gasvoda When asked to write a short article on the importance of cattle production to Montana I was hesitant. The system is too large, too [...]

Horses are Here to Stay

Photo by Montana Cowgirl Photography By Kent Hanawalt “I haven’t saddled a horse in two years,” said Pol, a rancher I knew in the Bear Paw Mountains. “First you buy a four-wheeler to do the [...]

The Bees Knees

By J.B. Chandler We think of bees, those cute, fuzzy black and yellow dancers, making honey, stinging invaders (ouch!), and their large hives hanging from tree branches, being raided by [...]

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Photo by Hayley Young By Hayley Young Maybe the nursery rhyme should have gone, “Baa baa black sheep, we are glad that you have wool!” Sheep’s wool, is used to make yarn, carpets and floor [...]

When the Chips are Down

Photo courtesy of the USDA By Brad Reynolds Agriculture is risky business, a game of wits and wagers. Like a professional gambler, a producer casts their lots judiciously, astute in each [...]

Happy Birthday, Mr. Gibson

By Brad Reynolds Paris Gibson was not “creative” in the artistic sense, but none could say that he was without imagination. In 1881, at the Great Falls of the Missouri, he wrote, “This scenery, [...]