Historic Helena

Last Chance Train Tour In 1864, four prospectors struck the second biggest placer gold deposit in Montana, producing some $19 million worth of gold in just four years. In no time, Last Chance [...]


Belt Belt Museum 37 Castner Street (406) 277-3574 Big Sandy Big Sandy Historical Museum 87 Johannes Avenue West (406) 378-2640 Bozeman Museum of the Rockies 600 West Kagy Boulevard (406) 994-2251 [...]

Shades of Yellowstone

Yellowstone’s beauty has inspired the works of innumerable artists over the last 150 years. Three that stand out to us are Ann Justin, Jennifer Johnson, and Todd Connor—all of whom show during [...]

Yellowstone National Park

In 2014, the Seven Natural Wonders Organization recognized North America’s most astounding feats of nature, determined by a voting board of scientists and nature conservationists. Not only did [...]

Garden-Variety Task Force

It’s a war out there. Every day, the enemy steps foot on your soil, armed to the teeth to take what’s yours. No matter how many plants it kills, no matter how many fruits and vegetables it [...]

Going Green

Courtesy of Montana Grain Growers Association Ask Montana grain farmers what the phrase “going green” means, and their first thought will be whether their recently planted fields have been [...]

Oh Deer!

Every fall, thousands of Montanans hunt for deer. Every spring, the tables turn; the deer become the predators, and our vegetables become the prey. To fortify your garden against pests— [...]