Gardens from Garbage

By Jean Allen Retired from 23 years as a radio DJ, and with time on his hands, Michael Dalton became concerned about developing a sustainable food source for kids in the Great Falls community, [...]

Chase Your Dreams

By Brad Reynolds Everyone has dreams. It could be something simple: becoming a better dancer, a better marksman, a better artist. Are you a daydreamer—fantasizing about lightsaber battles or how [...]

Conrad Artists Go Big

By Cassie Gasvoda Many artists create on commission, where a customer requests a specific work be made of a particular person, place, or subject. These pieces usually end up in the commissioner’s [...]

The Trophy

Mary Michael brings new meaning to the phrase “award-winning art.” A sculptor by trade, Mary was contracted to design the handles of the new Professional Bull Riders (PBR) trophy. The first name [...]

Montana Art and Bronze

There are many reasons for an art collector to collect. Perhaps they get a thrill from owning a piece of history. Maybe they have a personal connection to the artists in their collection. But [...]

The Western Art Week Burger

Coming up on its five-year mark, the Roadhouse Diner has swiftly positioned itself as a Great Falls’ favorite. Every burger is freshly made using beef which is ground in-house. With fun menu [...]

Chris Dickinson

A good photo captures a moment. A great photo captures a story. Chris Dickinson strives to achieve the latter. As a professional photographer, he travels backroads and rugged landscapes, [...]

Western Art Week Schedule

March 18-22, 2020 Locations The Russell CM Russell Museum 400 13th Street North Meadow Lark Country Club 300 Country Club Boulevard Mansfield Center 2 Park Drive South WHA Footprints on the Trail [...]