Just Wait a Minute…

By Lochiel Edwards There’s an old saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Montana, just wait a minute.” A combination of impressive Rocky Mountains and sweeping plains, deep western valleys, [...]

Sheepherder’s Monuments

Text & Photos by Kent Hanawalt There are four distinct rockpiles on the Ellison Ranch, which is headquartered near the West Boulder River on the Park/Sweet Grass County line. These rockpiles [...]

Rodeo Roots

Viva Rodeo Rodeo traditions are heavily influenced by Spanish-American history. (In fact, “rodeo” means “roundup” in Spanish.) Early Montana cowboys mounted wild mustangs, descended from the [...]

PRCA Schedule

June Dawson County Fair & PRCA Rodeo June 11, Glendive Little Belt Cowboys PRCA Rodeo June 19-20, Belt Fort Benton Summer Celebration & PRCA Rodeo June 25, Fort Benton Little Big Horn [...]

The Miles City Bucking Horse Sale

Miles City has always been revered as a cattle town. It’s been a destination for herds from as far away as Texas since the Northern Pacific first arrived in 1881. And in 1934, the Hereford breed [...]

Welcome to Rudyard

Rudyard is proof of great things coming in small packages. “It’s a very homey place, friendly. It takes ten minutes to walk down the street because you’re bound to run into someone you know,” [...]


Bob Marshall Wilderness Named for Robert Marshall (the American forester and activist who spearheaded the 1935 founding of the Wilderness Society), “the Bob” extends for sixty miles along the [...]

Big Slide Country

Illustrations by Lloyd Keels There are more than 3,000 named lakes and reservoirs in Montana, but unless you own a boat, these are unlikely to provide the excitement you crave on your next family [...]

Glendive: Montana’s Dinosaur Capital

If you dig dinosaurs, there’s no better state than Montana, and there’s no better community than Glendive. The town sits atop the late-Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation and has seen significant [...]

Virginia City

Sheridan At the heart of the Ruby River Valley, Sheridan offers easy access to seven mountain ranges, where hiking, hunting, camping, fishing, and backpacking can be enjoyed. Ruby Valley B&B [...]