Back Country Horsemen

By Savannah Deuter The Bob Marshall Wilderness, more affectionately known as the Bob, is full of all sorts of fascinating sights, such as the Chinese Wall, old cabins, tribal heritage sights, [...]

Spring Rut

By Lochiel Edwards, for the Montana Grain Growers Association Once again, winter in the Great Frozen North has passed; the sun rises to the left of East as it should. Yes, there will yet be days [...]

How to Save $5 on a Dozen Eggs

Story & Photos by Stacy Bronec The first step and this is key, you must declare, “I’ve always wanted chickens! Wouldn’t it be fun?” (Even if you just thought of this adventure yesterday when [...]

Ferrin’s Furniture

5 Floors, 125 Years By Brad Reynolds Ferrin’s Furniture is not your typical furniture store. That’s apparent from the street. The old brick and terra cotta building looms over the sidewalk with a [...]

A Nadine Pickthorn

By Jean Allen Nadine Pickthorn grew up in a large, happy family, the seventh of eight children. Her parents christened her Alyce Nadine; however her brothers rallied with a resounding “NO!” to [...]

Support The Square

By Amy Pearson Did you know that the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls is FREE to the public? Did you know that the museum is housed in a historic building with over 1,100 [...]

Hey Charlie, Last Call

By Stacy Bronec Todd Connor grew up drawing at a young age in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He began oil painting around age eleven. After high school, he joined the Navy and served four years as a Navy Seal, [...]