Water Wonders in Valley County

Montana’s river system is one of the state’s greatest resources. Its waters irrigate crops and support livestock, and provide sustenance for man and wildlife alike. These rivers are places of [...]

Speaking Up for St. Mary’s

By Brad Reynolds Without the St. Mary’s Canal, the Milk River would run dry six of every ten years. Without the St. Mary’s Canal, over 140,000 acres could see up to a ninety percent decrease in [...]

Appreciating Montana’s Walleye Waters

Fishermen hunt walleyes for a number of reasons. Walleyes taste good. They present a challenge to catch. And well, it’s fun! Today, walleyes are one of the Treasure State’s most popular game [...]

The Seeds of a Better Tomorrow

By Brad Reynolds​​​ Agriculture is pivotal to life in Montana. Without agriculture there is no food. Without agriculture there is no you. Not all of us are in agriculture, of course. But we are [...]

Hope Springs Eternal

By Stacy Bronec This winter has been mild by Montana standards (not counting the week of subzero weather in February), but even so, there’s a noticeable change in the air. That, coupled with the [...]

Group Effort

Submitted by Montana Grain Growers Association Montana’s prairies bloom with life and activity, as spring and summer force winter into retirement. The birds, which retreated to warmer climes in [...]

First Calf

Text and Photo by Kent Hanawalt Our first calf came down to the feedground with his mother, bucking and jumping, happy to be free after being cooped up inside for nine months. In spite of having [...]