Be Aware of Bears

By Dennis Nottingham In Montana, bears both black and brown (grizzly) are being encountered on a more frequent basis and are cussed and discussed by many an expert. My 50 years in Alaska hunting [...]

Ranch Dogs

By Kent Hanawalt Most ranch vehicles are equipped with a cowdog. They wait patiently while their masters are in the bank, the café, or the bar. No self-respecting cowboy would admit that these [...]

Danishes, Haggis, and Rye. Oh My!

Article & Photos by J.B. Chandler Montana’s homesteaders were either speculators or builders. The land speculator’s goal was to “proof up” the land and immediately sell it. The builders, on [...]

Pick, Flip & Drive

By Richard Ecke “I love cars,” bellows Jim Eli from the television screen. The Great Falls man starred last year in a surprise hit called “Pick, Flip and Drive,” but viewers are most likely to [...]

Hats & Cow Thieves

By Arnold Hokanson There was a time when most men wore hats of some kind. And most men valued them quite seriously. Oh, some of the hats worn around the ranch looked as though they’d been through [...]

The King of the Western Wool Growers

By Elizabeth Guheen Charles Monroe Bair may very well have been among those who came west with romantic visions of its open plains, abundant wildlife, and economic opportunities, but at an early [...]

Gift Horses

By Brad Reynolds When Jim Dolan was signing up for classes at Montana State, the line for ag was shorter than the line for art—at least, that’s the joke he tells. In truth, he’s always loved [...]