Jammin’ in Grass Range

Music has a way of bringing folks together. The strum of strings, the beat of a drum, voices in melody—it invokes something primal in us. Tens of thousands of years ago, our ancestors used art [...]

Off the Map

By Brad Reynolds Being a small business owner presents its obvious challenges. You have corporations to compete with. You have customers to entice. And, as the saying goes, your success is (at [...]

Horses & Six-strings

By Brad Reynolds, photo by Bill Watts Wylie Galt Gustafson is about as cowboy as cowboy can get. He’s a horse breeder and rancher. He’s a Western singer-songwriter. He’s a national cutting horse [...]

Glasgow’s Living History

By Brad Reynolds Legacies are all about history—successes built on the backs of our forefathers, cultural footprints, and emblems of generations gone by. You can look anywhere in Montana and [...]

Mr. & Mrs. Downtown

By Brad Reynolds Wayne and Sandy Thares aren’t the only husband and wife philanthropists in downtown Great Falls, but their business ventures make them among the most recognizable. Wayne is a [...]

Preserving and Serving Fort Benton

By Brad Reynolds Fort Benton carries with it all the history and charm that you’d expect from Montana’s birthplace. Four museums walk visitors through the town’s timeline, from the dawn of the [...]