Ag & Animals in Central Montana

By Abby Majerus Walk through the animal pavilion at the Central Montana Fair and you will have no doubt that agriculture is alive and well in the heart of Montana. Cows and chickens, rabbits and [...]

Lewistown, She is a Changing!

Article and Photos by LaVonne Limpus-Jurack Lewistown was just voted one of the happiest places to live in Montana. Surrounded by four mountain ranges and one the purest sources of artesian water [...]

Havre & the World’s Largest Tractor

By Brad Reynolds Ron Harmon didn’t set out to build the world’s largest tractor; necessity required it. In 1974, he purchased what was then called Northern Manufacturing in Havre. The following [...]

The Dog Days of Summer

By Brad Reynolds In ancient Rome, the “dog days” of summer referred to an astrological period where Sirius rose just before the sun. In modern day, we use the phrase more broadly to describe the [...]

Bison Ranching 101

Article and Photo by J.B. Chandler The bison’s hollow hair allows for a supreme level of insulation, as a sleeping bison will have falling snow collect atop its back. A bison loves the cold, a [...]

The Cowboy Collector

By Brad Reynolds Leroy Strand was prosperous, yet prudent. With the success of his cattle ranch at Geyser, he had accumulated a great deal of wealth, but he didn’t spend it frivolously. Every [...]

Who/What/Where is a Cowboy?

By Kent Hanawalt One often sees folks dressed in what is called “Western” garb, but by the Wikipedia definition, damn few of them are cowboys. Roy Rogers and the Lone Ranger wore Western hats and [...]

Ranching, Dancing And the Ringling 5

Ranching is a common way of life when it comes to many native Montanans. From the Bitterroot Mountains all the way to the badlands of eastern Montana, the economy thrives on agriculture and hard [...]