Yesterday’s Dream

(From Cow Trails and Wagon Tracks) By Arnold Hokanson A corral gate swings On creaking hinges. The wind blows Through the barn, Through a broken Window pane. Loose shingles clatter Upon the roof, [...]

Blue Jeans

By Kent Hanawalt​ We went to a funeral not long ago for the matriarch of a neighboring rural family. Although she lived in the country, this woman had once been the county treasurer, and thus, [...]

Spring into Good Health

By Andrea Withey, RDN, Great Falls Clinic When you can feel the warmth from the sun and see the green underneath your feet you know that spring is here. With the change of the season comes the [...]

Galloping into History

By Brad Reynolds Fame is a uniquely human concern. We laud celebrities, we praise and scorn people we’ve never met, and we wonder—all of us, even if only in fleeting moments—whether we’ll have [...]