Save the Cowboy

By Hayley Young Nearly 20 years ago, a group now known as the American Prairie Reserve entered northcentral Montana. This organization operates under the guise of saving the ecosystem and [...]

Welcome to Jordan

By Hayley Young When driving through, you do not immediately see the bustling little country town that is Jordan. You must turn off the highway to find the charm that is hidden away. Main Street [...]

Small-scale Agriculture

These days, it’s not easy to get by on a little slice of heaven. Farms are consolidating. Median acreages increase year by year. Common assumption is: only the big survive. Cory McKinney stands [...]

Cows: Red, White & Blue

By Kent Hanawalt Cows come in many colors—red or yellow, black or white, brown, grey, and even blue. (I’ll explain the blue a little later.) Why so many colors? Each of dozens of cattle breeds [...]

Moving West

By Stacy Bronec John Lippert had only $100 in his pocket when he and his cousin hid on a railcar from Minnesota to Montana. The stowaways arrived in Carter, which was under a foot of snow, with [...]