Let There Be Light

Light is a universal symbol, used by people of all colors, cultures, and faiths as a metaphor for hope. Candles are lit each day of Hanukkah to commemorate the Jewish rebellion and the miracle [...]

Fir Real?

Christmas Tree at the House of Blackheads (2014) Normally, you’d be scorned for chopping down trees, propping them up in your living room, and celebrating as they slowly die on the rug. But do [...]

Levee Gold

By Stacy Bronec In the late 1980s, First State Bank in Fort Benton (now First Bank of Montana) began offering Christmas Promotion loans and a local currency option years before the trend caught [...]

We Stand Tall

African Proverb Photo by Really Montana Photography The ATHENAs, like their namesake, are known for their strength, courage, and wisdom. In 1982, the non-profit sprouted up in Lansing, Michigan. [...]

Love Thy Neighbor

Charity comes in many forms. A rich man can donate large sums of wealth, a poor man can give what little he has, and both acts will be described as charity. Eileen Elias Freeman wrote, “It isn’t [...]

Do Good, Be Happy, Live Longer

Most of us feel happier around the holidays. We smile more. We give to others. We’re encouraged to be more selfless. As it turns out, we might be receiving an unexpected gift for all of our [...]

America Runs on Small Business

By the Small Business Administration’s definition, a small business is any business with fewer than 500 employees. In Montana, that might seem laughable; you could employ whole communities and [...]