Ag on the Edge

Article & Photos by J.B. Chandler Looking both directions, heading southeast from Big Sandy, lie some of the best croplands in Montana. Flat and fertile, a new highway drives us 10 miles [...]

Save the Cowboy

By Deanna Robbins, Laura Boyce, and Coke Knox “Save the Cowboy, Stop American Prairie Reserve” has been an attempt to educate the public on the American Prairie Reserve (APR), their specific [...]

Holding on to the Staff of Life

By W.D. Nottingham Today’s farmers are facing economic problems far different from those of the past. They have survived, in part, by learning farming techniques suitable for “dry land.” These [...]

An Unconventionally Creative Community

What does a “creative” person look like? Is it someone with a paintbrush or pencil in hand? Are they eccentric? Are they weird? A creative person might be all of those things, or they might be an [...]

Bringing in the Harvest

Article & Photos by Stacy Bronec Many Montanans look forward to summer months full of vacations, days on the lake, and a slower pace of life, but for farmers, this time of year is anything [...]


Lyle McKeever’s Chevy was fresh off the line when he bought it in 1952. He’d recently returned home to Montana (following a stint in the Air Force), and all that stood between him and his dream [...]

Mary Peters: In the Thick of It

It’s interesting to watch a painter paint, a sculptor sculpt, or photographer take photographs. Interesting, but probably not exhilarating. Unless you’re the artist creating the art, there are [...]

Ties that Bind: The Von Bergen Legacy

Agriculture is more than callused hands, early morning calving, and late evenings at harvest. It’s getting to know your neighbors like family. It’s the freedom to live as you wish. It’s a quiet [...]