The Scissorbill

By W.D. Nottingham Early settlers in Montana were ranchers attracted by free grazing on the “open range.” Their cattle were able to roam over large distances only to be brought together during [...]

Rifles, in the New Old-fashioned Way

Ron Otto and Aaron “Duke” Pursley don’t make rifles quickly; they make them right. “We build a very specialized product,” says Otto of Little Sharps Rifles. “It takes eight hours just to polish [...]

Sowing Seeds in Hill County

Resting on the edge of cattle country and the Golden Triangle, Havre is where many ag producers come to do business. The Havre Chamber’s Ag Committee was formed more than thirty years ago to [...]

A City Slicker’s Field Day

By Brad Reynolds I was 18 when I first drove a tractor. I was 24 when I sat in a combine. I was 27 when taught to ride a horse. Agriculture, like any subject, requires education—and it’s never [...]