Tess Brady: Beautifying Stanford

By LaVonne Limpus-Jurack Have you seen it? Stanford, population 384, looks like a picture book town in a faraway place, but it’s not; it’s right here in central Montana just waiting for you to [...]

Save Our Native Sisters

You wouldn’t think that human trafficking would be possible in the U.S. today. With the widespread use of smartphones, camera-capable devices, and various social media platforms, how could anyone [...]

Entering Glasgow

By Sam Knodel Glasgow… People come, people come back, people stay. At first glance, Glasgow, Montana may seem like just another “dot” of a town across the Hi-Line, but spend a little time here, [...]

Active Malta

Article and Photos by J.B. Chandler For over 100 years now, Malta has been home to some of the most active, industrious, and adventurous people in Montana. Built alongside the tracks of the Great [...]

Chouteau County Country Christmas

By Stacy Bronec Located eight miles off the highway between Havre and Great Falls is the Virgelle Mercantile, owned by Don Sorensen. In 1982 Sorensen started an antique sale called “A Real [...]

Let’s Meet in Shelby

Article and Photos by J.B. Chandler Trains, trucks, and cars mean Shelby, Montana is always on the move. The railroads crossing came before the highways crossing, and between it all lies Shelby. [...]

Paint the Town

A community’s triumphs are rarely the work of one person. When our student athletes perform well, we celebrate the group effort. When a new business flourishes, it only does so with support. When [...]

Shop Local

By Brad Reynolds Montanans love Montana. Obviously, right? You could say that about any state. Texans love Texas. New Yorkers love New York. North Dakotans love—well, the point is most everyone [...]