Mining in Montana

Hand-drilling miners, Parrot Mine, Butte, Montana The Richest Hill on Earth Just west of the Continental Divide at present-day Butte, the mile-high basin caught the attention of 1860s gold [...]

Twentieth Century Chic: 1900-1919

Fashion Comes to the Farm Prior to the Twentieth Century, a farm family’s clothes were usually sewn by its matriarch. Then came catalogue culture. Mail-order services from Montgomery Ward, Sears, [...]

Up in the Air

The Wright Sister The Wright Brothers are American heroes—to the point where Ohio and North Carolina have feuded for decades about which state is the “birthplace of aviation.” Orville and Wilbur [...]

Hitting the Road

Hobson, Montana Auto Dealer (1907) Treasure State Plates Registration of motor vehicles went into effect in 1913 for the purpose of raising revenue for the construction, maintenance, and [...]

Progressive Women

A Fight for Rights Women’s suffrage in Montana predates Montana as a state. It was 1883 when the Women’s Christian Temperance Union rolled into the territory, voicing support for a woman’s right [...]

Homesteading in Montana

By Sue Carlbom During one of our winter storms, as I enjoyed the drama of the snow swirling past my window and listening to the wind howl, I wondered how different it was for those brave [...]

Postcards from the West

Text by Brad Reynolds, Images courtesy of Pamela Morris Everybody loves the idea of “the West,” the romance of it. But for cowboys on the American frontier, the West was a far cry from the pages [...]