Valley County Community Foundation

Montanans will transfer billions of dollars to the next generation. The question is: will any of that wealth stay behind in the communities that helped build it? On the Hi-Line, the Valley County [...]

Powder to the People

Bear Paw Ski Bowl is Montana’s smallest ski hill, but that doesn’t stop visitors from having big fun. Located 29 miles south of Havre, the hill sports 25 named runs, with adult lift tickets going [...]

Helena Civic Center Centennial

Helena’s Civic Center is one of the more distinguishable structures along the city’s skyline. The building itself rises six stories high, but what truly sets it apart is its minaret—a seventeen [...]

Rising from the Ashes

By Sue Carlbom On October 10, 2020, the Bunkhouse Inn on Main Street in Augusta burned to a pile of rubble. But, as with most tragedies, when the smoke cleared there was some good to be found. [...]

Once Upon a Nativity

December 7-January 9, 2020 For more than fifty years, Carol Olthoff has been collecting nativities. From manger scenes that fit in the palm of her hand to life-size nativities (and everything [...]

Thanksgiving Trivia

After the first Thanksgiving in 1621, it took over 200 years before Thanksgiving Day was officially proclaimed in 1863. Sara Hale, a magazine editor, spent 40 years writing editorials and letters [...]

Give Thanks, Great Falls

2020 has been a difficult year for many of us. Yet, as is always the case, there is hope to be found, joy to be shared, thanks to be given. As we look across the Treasure State, we find stories [...]