What It Means to Give

“Gift-giving anxiety” is a real and prevalent affliction. At Christmas, many of us stress about what to give, what to spend, and what our gifts say about us. Kindness is replaced with [...]

Montana Project LAUNCH

Montanans can be proud. We can be stubborn. We tend to bottle up negative thoughts and feelings, finding release in unhealthy ways. Montana has the second-highest number of alcohol-related deaths [...]

Woman with Wings

For some she’s a pilot. For some she’s an angel. For certain, she’s a woman with wings. Since 2017, Kelli French has been on Stat Air’s flight crew, providing emergency transport from Hi-Line [...]

Storms of Life

By Tiffany Sweeney Life is filled with storms. Some you can see coming from miles away, and others take you by surprise. Life throws us a number of storms and allows us the opportunity to really [...]

It Takes a Village

By Brad Reynolds Your child is only five months old when you sense something is wrong. She sleeps too much. She doesn’t gain weight. She vomits far too often. You take her to the hospital, and [...]

A Good Heart

By Brad Reynolds We all come into this world with a heart inside us. We don’t always leave with the same one. The human-to-human heart transplant saw its first success in 1967, and there have [...]