Montana Vigilantes: Then and Now

Article and Photos by Tiffany Sweeney The year was 1862. A handsome young man appeared in Montana in the booming city of Bannack. His background was questionable, with a potential criminal record [...]

Gibson Dam

Article and Photos By J.B. Chandler The headwaters of the Sun River hold more than Gibson Dam can carry. Watching an entire river’s worth of water exploding from two giant tubes is refreshing, [...]

The Crow Indians in the Wild West

By Kent Hanawalt The Crow Reservation south and east of Billings is considered to be the largest of seven reservations in Montana; however, the Crow once roamed a much larger area. At the time of [...]

Family Photos

When Doug Worrell worked in the medical field, continued education courses were a recurrent obligation. “There was this cultural sensitivity class employees were asked to attend,” he recalls. [...]

Bev Tietjen & the Spirit of the WHA

The deceased often leave behind personal effects, an estate to be divided, and loved ones to grieve. Most are survived by their friends and family; Beverly Zoe Tietjen lives on through an art [...]

Western Art Week Schedule

March 20-24, 2019 Locations The Russell CM Russell Museum 400 13th Street North Meadow Lark Country Club 300 Country Club Boulevard Mansfield Center 2 Park Drive South WHA Footprints on the Trail [...]