Oro y Plata …y Cobre

By Brad Reynolds Let us never forget that mining founded Montana; it’s right there in the seal. When the committee met in 1865 to design Montana Territory’s coat of arms, all agreed it should [...]

Bridge to the Past

In 1915, Wolf Point—a town of 340 residents—voted in favor of incorporating as a municipality. A land rush had brought farmers and ranchers to the area following the construction of the Great [...]

Small Town Drama

By Brad Reynolds In the fall of 1933, a temporary metropolis unfolded in northeast Montana. Unlike the boomtowns of the century prior, men came clamoring not for gold but for [...]

Going Wild in Glasgow

Visit Glasgow from the west and you’ll be met with a metal menagerie. It’s impossible to miss; a whole hillside of animal sculptures welcomes you to town. Less obvious is the animal attraction at [...]

For the Good of Great Falls

By Brad Reynolds It’s a splendid old building, the Ursuline Centre—64,000 square feet of brick and mortar, eight winged gargoyle waterspouts, four floors and a tower, adorned with terra-cotta [...]

A Western Life

By Brad Reynolds The Indian. The farmer. The railroader. The cowboy. The cavalryman. The storyteller. The bison. The horse. These are the archetypes and emblems of the West, ones that modern day [...]