Big Game and More on Public Land

Article and Photo by Ron Boggs My lifelong neighbor drew the coveted 2018 Bighorn Sheep tag for the region around Holter Lake (yeah, the once-in-a-lifetime tag we all wish for). Because it’s a [...]

Health Benefits of Hunting

By Stacy Bronec “Hunting is more than the harvest; it’s about the adventure,” says Donna McDonald, owner and operator of Upper Canyon Outfitters, located outside of Alder. According to McDonald, [...]

Hope for Survivors

By Mikayla Gardenhire As women, we’ve all heard of it. We’re all aware that it’s out there, and none of us are prepared to hear the words “You have breast cancer.” There is a concept that most of [...]

Faces of the Community

When we think about community, it’s hard not to be nostalgic. The word evokes a sense of warmth and togetherness, conjuring up archetypes from The Andy Griffith Show and The Saturday Evening [...]

Care Enough to Share

Access to medical care isn’t something Montanans take lightly, especially in remote areas hundreds of miles from the nearest major city. Wolf Point, although a relatively small town, acts as a [...]