The Old Road to Glaicer

Article and Photos by J.B. Chandler The interstate is faster, no doubt about it. But the journey to Glacier National Park should be as beautiful as the destination. Before the interstate [...]

A Generous Soul

By Brad Reynolds Rancher Leroy Strand chose his words carefully. He was not a voluble man. He was known to stare off deeply and would sometimes take long pauses in conversation, mulling his [...]

Humor & History on the HiLine

Absurdity might be Rudyard’s greatest claim to fame. If you’ve traveled along US Highway 2, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the town’s welcome sign, which reads “596 Nice People–1 Old Sore Head!” That [...]

Meager but Mighty

When saying “Meagher County,” people often pronounce it “Mee-ger” instead of “Mar” (which is the correct way). And while phonetics are mostly to blame for this, it’s likely that (subconsciously) [...]

Helena’s Last Chance Gulch

Article by Hope Good, Photos by LeRita McKeever In 1864, four prospectors (called the Four Georgians) struck it rich in a gulch off Prickly Pear Creek, the second biggest placer gold deposit in [...]

Mark of the First Peoples

On July 19, 1805, the Corps of Discovery came to a unique point along the Missouri. The towering limestone cliffs on either side of the river seemed to open gently as they approached the bend, [...]

Devil’s Canyon Overlook

We’re spoiled with incredible views in this part of the country. Mountains, rivers, forests, sky—it’s all so grand that sometimes we take it for granted; it takes a truly remarkable view to put [...]