Utica, Montana

The tiny town of Utica, at the headwaters of the Judith River was established in 1880. Located approximately 40 miles from Lewistown it was headquarters for the Judith Basin roundups. It once [...]

Women Build Montana

In January 2015, the Montana State Capitol Building unveiled its first mural in over eighty years, a two-part piece titled Women Build Montana. This project was initiated by Senate Bill 59 in [...]

The One Man Siege of the Soo

By J.B. Chandler Elmer Thompson came to Montana in 1894 and never left. Everybody called him Hominy. Hominy gets the credit as the first white settler to immigrate into what would eventually be [...]

Dutch Henry Ieuch

By J.B. Chandler There’s the famous Dutch Henry, the handsome outlaw from Colorado who talked his way out of a livestock theft conviction in Dodge City because the cowboy jurors couldn’t imprison [...]

Montana’s Early Hot Springs

By Hope Good One of the most amazing natural features of Montana is its abundance of natural hot springs. The number of these springs in Montana and Wyoming is unsurpassed anywhere else in the [...]

Kuka Originals

By Brad Reynolds “If you’re going to do art then do you, not me. You’ll never be me, and if you try to be me then we will lose you.” King Kuka King Kuka was a sculptor, a painter, and poet—and in [...]

A Man & Montana

By Brad Reynolds The impact one life can have is truly incredible. You need look no further than Montana for evidence of that. Consider Charlie Russell. Who in his time could have predicted the [...]