Big Sky, Big Snowflakes

Fort Keogh’s winters were nothing short of surreal in the late 1880s. In 1888, the temperature at the fort dropped to -65F, the national record low at that time. When Illinois’ Sterling Evening [...]

Wild Weather in 1989

By Brad Reynolds Montanans are used to weird weather—sunny winters, snowy summer days, hail, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and the like—but few moments in recent history better characterize the [...]

The Winter of 1886-1887

Waiting for a Chinook by Charles M. Russell In the 1870s, beef business was good for a Montana rancher. Summers were cool, winters were mild, and grazing land was easy to come by out on the open [...]

Winter Hazards: Be Prepared

By Marlene Affeld Montana—“The Last Best Place”—is a land of contrasts. We are blessed with high mountain ranges and deep fertile valleys, singing mountain brooks and raging rivers. The weather [...]

Where to Ice Fish

Once you have bundled up and made it out to your lake or river of choice, it’s time to determine where on the ice to set up. Before you get settled and drop your lines, make sure to [...]

A Big Fish Story

By Brad Reynolds Everyone has a big fish story—a catch as long as their boat or a behemoth that got away. They’re tall tales delivered with gusto, and while the storyteller will gladly show you [...]