Big Dog, Big Heart

By Brad Reynolds Buddy is an impressive dog in more ways than one. At five years old, the lovable Newfoundland weighs an incredible 206 pounds. (On more than one occasion, he’s been mistaken for [...]

Self-Care to Health & Happiness

By Tiffany Sweeney Have you ever found yourself trying to drink from an empty cup? Or, attempting to drive your car with your gas gauge on E? Or even trying to shop with a bank card at a zero [...]

Nutrition Basics

By Gen Gondeiro “Nutrition.” For some of us that word is daunting; it represents giving up things that we love and strikes fear into the hearts (and stomachs) of thousands, even millions of folks [...]

Living with Perspective

By Kristi Calvery I never thought I would be grateful that I was diagnosed with diabetes as a child. As a teacher, I now find there is value in life experiences and adversity. It allows a person [...]

Quilting Comfort for Chouteau County

From the very young to the very old, everyone loves the comfort of a quilt. It’s soft. It’s warm. And there’s something heartening about all the dedication and care it takes to make one. That’s [...]

Community Outreach through Music

By Kristi Calvery Before Pam McFarland was a resident at Pondera Medical Center Extended Care, she would get the Great Falls Tribune each week and circle the activities happening that she would [...]

“You are an Ironman”

By Brad Reynolds The path to good fitness can be one hell of a journey. We all have our obstacles to overcome. Maybe you’re shy or embarrassed and don’t know where to begin. Maybe you feel you’re [...]