By Kent Hanawalt There is an old saying that Wyoming’s Powder River is “a mile wide and an inch deep.” Well, we have a horse that is four feet high and ten feet deep! Buddy is a little horse. No, [...]

Animal Handling and Your Health

By Heidi LePard, Great Falls Clinic Infection Preventionist Baby animals are undeniable adorable! Who wouldn’t want to snuggle a newborn kitten, puppy, or even baby goat? They are all so cute and [...]

Raising a Good Egg

When Jayton Ophus was four years old, he told his parents he wanted chickens. He got them all right – and much, much more. “We wanted to teach him responsibility,” says Jayton’s mother, Mary [...]

The Two Elk Hunting Seasons

Article and Photo by J.B. Chandler Both deer and elk are popular big-game animals hunted here in Montana. There are two different seasons in the fall, one for archery and the other for rifle [...]

Agriculture: A Necessary Gamble

Two trailers head east from Great Falls to Winnett carrying hay donated by Mike and Connie Brumble. The individuals involved in loading, transporting, and unloading are Tate Switzer, Chet Wright, [...]

The Montana Hereford Association

By Bruce Thomas The stakes have never been higher to create VALUE and EFFICIENCY throughout the production system. In the past decade, Hereford has documented dramatic improvements in calving [...]

Hauling Cattle

By Kent Hanawalt A familiar sight on Montana’s highways in the fall is the “Pot” – a possum-bellied double deck semi-trailer hauling cattle. Also known as a “bull-rig,” there are thousands of [...]