Home of the Brave

When the United States jumped into World War II, many were shocked by the overwhelming support of Native Americans. After all, the United States did not have a history of treating Indians well. [...]

Experiencing Gettysburg

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is the site of one of the most pivotal battles in American history. More than 3,000 men died over the course of the three day confrontation, with the Union finally [...]

The 150th Anniversary of Fort Shaw

On August 13, 2017 the Sun River Valley Historical Society will host a celebration in honor of Fort Shaw’s lasting historical importance to the region. The day will kick off with a flag raising [...]

Central Montana Museum

The Central Montana Museum in Lewistown chronicles the area’s history, with a number of displays dedicated to Montanans who served the United States during times of war. Military uniforms, [...]

Fort Assinniboine

By Gen Geda The summer of 1879 proved to be sweltering, made hotter for those working by brick kilns, constantly firing the seemingly endless supply of brick spat from nearby molds. Soldiers, [...]

Beef to School

In recent years, Americans have shown a strong interest in understanding where their food comes from. How is it raised? How is it processed? Where does it go from there? In Montana, one of the [...]


By Kent Hanawalt In Montana, most ranches are termed cow/calf operations – the herd of cows is maintained year-round to produce a new crop of calves every year. The bulls are put in with the cows [...]