Survivors Part 6

Gretchen Swift & Tammy Nicola Gretchen Swift and Tammy Nicola aren’t just “cancer buddies”; together, their helping make medical history. Both women have been diagnosed with triple negative [...]

Survivors Part 5

Marjory Sheehy In 1999, Marjory Sheehy’s fifteen-month-old daughter was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. “It was 9-9-99,” Marjory explains. “Some people said the world would end that day. It [...]

How Cancer Affects a Family

August 2014: the summer before Rocky was diagnosed Cancer can feel like a nightmare. Diagnosis and subsequent treatment can be devastating to a patient, and it is hard on the patient’s family as [...]

Survivors Part 3

Jennea Sire If you ask any cancer survivor, they’ll tell you that their support system was crucial to their recovery. In Jennea Sire’s case, it wasn’t just the people in her life that helped her [...]

Survivors Part 4

Connie Jenkins In 2002 Connie Jenkins was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent treatment, recovered, and was believed to be cancer-free. So it came as an unwelcome shock when in 2015 she [...]

Survivors Part 2

Mara Street “I love my insurance company” is not a phrase you hear very often, but it’s something that Mara Street says with sincerity. In 2011, her insurance company, TriCare, called and left an [...]

Survivors Part 1

Hope Good Beating cancer once is tough enough. Having to fight it twice can be devastating. In 2014 Hope Good was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy, underwent chemo, and [...]

Living with Type I Diabetes

By Kristi Calvery Recently, 16-year-old Brittany Bennett got a tattoo on her forearm. Her choice wasn’t based on a whim, but rather it was an intentional reminder of how precious life is despite [...]