If you’re traveling along US-87 between Great Falls and Havre, you’ll slow down to pass through several agricultural communities. Each has features that set it apart from the rest. For Big Sandy, [...]

One Last Ride

Horses have played a big role in human history. They’ve been used in transportation, battle, work, and play. But perhaps most importantly, horses have served us as companions. They’re smart and [...]

Dedman Foundation

On any given year, more than 200 animals come through the doors of Chouteau County’s Dedman Foundation. Unlike many animal shelters, the Dedman Foundation is a no-kill facility that spays and [...]

The Story of Shep

In August 1936, a coffin was loaded into a baggage car at the Fort Benton train station. Inside this casket was the body of a sheepherder who had fallen mortally ill and died at the St. Clare [...]

The Rattle Heard ‘Round the World

Michael Delaney is a man of many talents. He runs a ranch, he owns a surveillance company, and he’s a YouTube sensation. In October 2015 Michael and his wife, Katie, set out to observe a [...]

Montana’s Solar Industry

Montana is one vast organic solar collector. That solar energy is sequestered mainly by trees, grain, and livestock – which we then enjoy as wood and paper products, fruit, bread and beer, wool, [...]

Food: A Product of Montana

by Arnold Hokanson As the days of the gold rush waned in Montana Territory and boom towns began the transition to ghost towns, the era of food production began. Where the early day prospectors [...]