Winifred Museum

The Winifred Museum is home to over 3,000 Tonka Toys, possibly the largest collection in the world. The museum also features artifacts from the early days of Winifred, Indian artifacts that [...]

Rocky Boy’s 52nd Annual Celebration

The Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation, home to the Chippewa Cree Tribe, has been in existence for 100 years, established by Congressional Act on September 7, 1916. Chippewa Chief Ahsiniwin (Rocky [...]

The 75th Anniversary Marias Fair

On February 8, 1938 the commissioners of Toole County held their first meeting to discuss the purchase of fairgrounds. For $500 the land was secured and the WPA (Works Progress Administration) [...]

Moss Mansion Museum

The Moss Mansion Historic House Museum captures the interesting life of Preston Boyd Moss and his family at the turn of the century. The mansion, a 1903 red sandstone structure, features original [...]

Virginia City

Some folks made a fortune here. But what they left behind was priceless. All of Montana has the deepest pride and affection for Virginia City. No more colorful pioneer mining camp ever existed. [...]

Montana Folk Festival

Butte, MT, July 8-10 The Montana Folk Festival is one of the Northwest’s largest free outdoor music festivals. The three-day event features multiple stages with continuous live performances by [...]

Red Ants Pants Music Festival

Every year, around the end of July, something spectacular happens in the rural town of White Sulphur Springs. Residents paint fences and tend gardens. Local retailers set up decorations and tidy [...]