Esso Tiger Tails

In the late 1950s, Esso Gasoline hired a Chicago advertising agency to come up with an ad that would boost petrol sales. Emery Smith, the agency’s copywriter, came up with the slogan “Put a Tiger [...]


In the fashion world, past trends are constantly being recycled. For instance, the patterns and styles from the 1980s have seen a resurgence in modern fashion. Bold shapes and bright colors are [...]

Picket Fences

During WWII, Americans on the home front supported military efforts by rationing food and supplies. For many, this was not a problem; they’d been dealing with food and supply shortages since the [...]

Fast Food

Image courtesy of Brian Morger, In the 1950s and 1960s, America saw rapid growth in the fast food industry. Once a luxury, eating out became a casual experience. Franchises like [...]

Drive-ins and Decline

Image courtesy of Brian Morger and SunUp Corp. By L. Abigail Jones How Digital (Tried) to Kill the Video Star Richard Hollingshead, like all visionaries, must have looked like a cautionary tale [...]

KFBB: From Radio to TV

Broadcast station KFBB has existed for nearly a century. In 1922, while President Harding was introducing the first radio in the White House, KFBB was introducing Montanans to the first radio [...]