Treasure State Honey

It might seem silly to think about, but bees are livestock. They have to be fed and cared for to yield the best food product possible. At Treasure State Honey, Jennifer Quinn and Jim Savoy are [...]

Pure Montana Angus

Pure Montana Angus is a meat business located outside of Fairfield that strives to provide its market of buyers with high quality beef. It is run by Tom and Gaye McInerney, a humble ranch couple [...]

A Land of Grass

A Land of Grass isn’t your average sheep and cattle ranch. While most ranchers hire a crew to shear their sheep, Steve Hutton and Lisa Schmidt shear their own, providing the couple with unique [...]

Get Your Kids Into Archery!

By Luke Strommen I remember going to Pines Youth Camp when I was a young boy. This was a week long, local bible camp tucked away in the pines located on the shores of the Fort Peck Reservoir in [...]

Life on the Sibley Farm

Major advances in science and technology are constantly changing the way American farmers carry out their operations. Yet, very few have gone corporate. Despite centuries of change, over 90 [...]

The Barnsion

Like many grand ideas, David Miller’s came unexpectedly. He awoke at 3 in the morning, found a pen and paper, and sketched out floor plans for The “Barnsion” – a multi-story barn-mansion. Now, [...]