The Judith Gap Wind Energy Center

In 2005 the Judith Gap Wind Energy Center was built along US Highway 191 between Judith Gap and Harlowton. This wind farm, consisting of 90 towers, generates an expected 450,000,000 kilowatt [...]

The Charles M. Bair Family Museum

By 1900, Charles M. Bair was ranching more sheep in Montana than anyone else in the world. However, rather than stay the course, Bair chose to sell out and invest in a machine designed to thaw [...]

Alkabo School

The Alkabo School, located near Writing Rock State Historical Site in North Dakota, is truly a blast from the past. This old schoolhouse has been kept in pristine condition since its closing in [...]

Herd Bull

Wolf Point’s Wild Horse Stampede (sponsored in part by the Montana Office of Tourism) was a huge success this year, and among the event’s many exciting attractions was a massive sculpture of a [...]

Writing Rock State Historical Site

According to one oral tradition, the area now known as Writing Rock State Historical Site was a mystical place. It was said that certain tribesmen could foretell the future by looking at the two [...]

Lost Lake: A Scenic Adventure

With a name like “Lost Lake,” I assumed this body of water would be somewhat difficult to find. And I wasn’t wrong. Even with a map, I found myself . . . well, lost searching for it. My friend, [...]