Marysville House

Located in an abandoned mining town, the Marysville House is famous for its hearty food portions and rustic setting. “This place was once a very famous steakhouse,” says Don Clark, current owner [...]

Fergus County Coal Mining

In the early 19th century, the Lewistown area was developing economically. There became a greater demand for fuel as mountains around Lewistown were being depleted of trees. Coal was noticed in [...]

Spring Duties

With the warm weather one is anxious to get outside even though it is too soon to plant seeds or set plants out. Many other activities can keep us busy though. Garden tool handles can be painted [...]

Breast Cancer Awareness

Life changes in an instant when cancer comes into your life. Cancer comes swiftly and quietly and forces you to make life altering decisions practically overnight. It seems like one of those [...]

Leisure Life at Fort Assiniboine

An excerpt from Adventure Tales of Montana’s Last Frontier Mary Kellogg, the wife of senior Captain Edgar Royme Kellogg, believed that Fort Assiniboine’s leisure life made up for its harsh [...]

Broadwater Natatorium

Helena was born during the Gold Rush with the arrival of prospectors to Last Chance Gulch in 1864. The area abounded in gold and silver, bearing quartz deposits and by 1885 it had already become [...]

How Mining Shaped Montana

Montana has a rich history of gold, silver, copper, and coal mining. It ranks 8th in total gold production among the Western states. For more than a century, miners and the mining industry have [...]