Vintage Saloons

Saloons have existed for centuries, but the term was not widely used until the 1840s. Several names used prior to then include Tavern, alehouse, and taproom. Other names were given, such as [...]

The Wild West

Americans will always have a fascination with the Wild West. It was a time of fear, excitement, and adventure. Pioneers braved new lands. Indians fought for their heritage. Outlaws were kept at [...]


As a vehicle, the stagecoach had been nearly perfected in its two centuries of use in America. There were many types: the Troy coach, the mud wagon, the Concord coach, and various coaches of [...]

Charlie Russell in the Wild West

In 1864, Russell was born in Missouri, far from the Wild West. He came from a wealthy family that owned a manufacturing business, and though his future seemed secure in it, Russell’s interests [...]

Fur Trappers

Fur trappers were often young men who liked the quiet of the forests better than the noise and bustle of a city. They liked not having a boss telling them what to do. They liked exploring new [...]